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There is currently an Anti-Profiling bill in the final stages and it is imperative that as many as possible contact our legislators NOW. Below is a list of names and phone numbers at the State Capitol

House speaker    Charles McCall   (room 401)      405-557-7421

House Pro Tempore (assistant speaker)   Kyle Hilbert  (room 406)     405-557-7353

Majority Floor Leader    Jon Echols    (room 457)    405-557-7354 

Asst Majority Floor Leader   Josh West   (room 205)   405-557-7415

Democratic Whip   Terry O’Donnell   (room 305)   405-557-2711

House Public Safety Chairman   Robert Manger  (room 456)   405-557-7395

Vice Chairman   John George   (room 504)   405-557-7322

Senate President   Greg Treat   (room 422)   405-557-5632

Assistant Pro Tempore   Lonnie Paxton   (room 232)   405-524-0126

Floor Leader   Greg McCotney   (room 421)   405-521-5541

Majority Whip   Casey Murdock    (room 431)   405-521-5626

Senate Public Safety Chairman   Darcy Jech   (room 234)   405-521-5545

Vice Chairman   Bill Coleman   (room 426)   405-521-5581

2023 National Motorcycle Profiling Survey

The National Motorcycle Profiling Survey is designed to help define the profiling trends so we can focus our resources on the areas that need it the most. Your participation will have a long-lasting, positive impact on the community. This survey on average will take 1 minute to complete.

The information collected in these surveys has been an essential part of lobbying efforts at both State and Federal levels, and without a doubt provides critical data points for the grassroots activist to intelligently communicate issues impacting the motorcycle community and influence change. With over 57,000 survey participants of past survey efforts, from all walks of life, the National Motorcycle Profiling Survey has a 99% accuracy and has proven that many motorcyclists are being targeted by law enforcement based on appearance. This acquired Survey information has been the foundation for getting several States to pass Anti-Motorcycle Profiling bills.

Your privacy and anonymity are important and respected. By asking for no more than your zip code, which is also voluntary, no personal information is retained.

Please take a moment and click HERE to fill out the survey or simply scan the QR code below

All COC meetings in 2023 will be held at the American Legion
5000 SE 24th St, Midwest City, OK 73115

Group Meetings at 11:00 (2 Representatives per Club)

Liaisons report to COC Board at 12:00

General Meeting at 1:00

2023 Meetings

January 8
March 5
May 7
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