MEETINGS: Held on the first Sunday of every other month at 1:00 pm. Starting in January. The Meeting(s) that fall on a holiday or holiday weekend may be rescheduled. A Representative(s) from each Club, Organization, and the AIM attorney should be in attendance. Rotate Meeting locations in the State, with Board approval. The acting Secretary shall notify membership of each upcoming meeting.

The OCOC shall not make any rules that alienate any member club.

Person(s) having multi-membership may only represent one Club or Organization for OCOC meetings.

ANNUAL DONATIONS: Total of ($100.00) One Hundred Dollars from each Club and or Organization.

ANNUAL RALLY: A fund-raiser, get together, and or party to raise money for the OCOC Treasury.

ANNUAL NCOM CONVENTION: The OCOC shall send a minimum of ONE representative to the convention, with reasonable expenses paid by the OCOC. Approved by the Board of the OCOC.

ELECTIONS: Shall be held every (2) Two years for the offices of the OCOC. Nominations for the offices of the OCOC shall be held in November and voting shall be in January. The new Term starts…….

Representatives from each Club or Organization can hold no more than one office.

VOTING: Each Club or Organization may appoint a representative to vote at the meetings. The Club or Organization must be in good standing with the OCOC at the time of the voting. (Donations Paid) One vote per Club or Organization.

Each Club or Organization shall be responsible for their Members and or their Members actions.

OCOC shall have an account for donations and appropriated monies. The account shall be the responsibility of the elected Treasurer. Monies shall be spent or appropriated by the Board of the OCOC for projects and operations of the Board of the OCOC and accountability to the full membership of the OCOC.


First Chair
Second Chair
Membership Coordinator
Web Master
MRO Liaison.

(Note: MRO Liaison will be appointed by the MRO)

(Note: Web Master to be appointed by the First Chair)



Recognizing that the COC is a volunteer organization we must maintain structure, order, and accountability of member clubs. This will be achieved by requiring the following of each member club:

Each club should have at least 1 (one) member present at every meeting.

Any club who misses 2 (two) consecutive meetings or any 3 (three) meetings in a calendar year will be subject to removal from the COC membership. 

Any club who is either removed from the membership or steps away from the membership and then decides to return to the COC will be required to start their membership process from the beginning as outlined further below.


The Liaison is to be the voice of their respective groups. 

The Liaison is to communicate with their respective groups and gather any feedback, concerns, and issues that the group has. In doing so they will attempt to make any decisions that affect their group. If a resolution to any subject is not reached within their groups then they should bring the situation to the COC Board whereas the 1st Chair will deliberate and make the final decision. 

The 1st Chair decisions are final. 

The Liaisons will have a meeting with the COC Board at 12pm on the day of the regularly scheduled COC Meeting to advise on anything that may have come up during individual group meetings. 

The Liaison will also ensure that all respective member clubs and respective prospective clubs are following protocol. 


Every prospective club must have at least 5 (five) members 

All prospective clubs should have all their members backgrounds checked and any issues addressed 

All prospective clubs must have approval from the “ADVISOR CLUBS” Each prospective club must provide their approval contact names to their respective Liaison. 

All prospective clubs will be “PROSPECTIVE ” for no less than 12 (twelve) months. This gives the prospective club time to get to know the other clubs. In that 12 month period they should attend as many functions as possible 

After the required 12 month minimum, and when the Liaison feels the prospective club is ready to be voted in, they will bring the prospective club up for a vote in their groups. If approved within the group the Liaison will take the prospective club to the other Liaisons for their approval. Once approved by the other Liaisons they will go before the COC Board and the COC Body for final approval.